NEWSLETTER - December Holidays 2013
Happy Holiday’s everyone!!

Pete Trewavas and Eric Blackwood back in the studio as we speak! Edison’s Children are on their way to making album #2 @ Castle Edison in the Endless Mountains of North Eastern Pennsylvania. The new album will be another “themed” album and will feature at least one song that will be breaking the 20 minute mark. (Now @ 55 minutes and maybe reaching 70)

Because of this… Pete Trewavas and Eric Blackwood will be AUTOGRAPHING EVERYTHING you order if you click on “Autographed copy on Any of the 3 albums… “In The Last Waking Moments…” “A Million Miles Away (with 4 new Edison’s Children songs mixed and mastered by John Mitchell including Haunted Memories) and the ALL NEW 72 minute CD “In The First Waking Moments… The Making of ITLWM” which Is capped at 500 copies. These will never be re-ordered and they are only for true Edison’s Children fans.  More on that below…

We’ve had a fantastic run with the release of a new single EP “A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine)” which featured 4 new Edison’s Children Songs mixed and mastered by the ever talented John Mitchell (Kino, It Bites, Frost, Arena) including the song Haunted Memories (which many fans feel may be Edison’s Children’s best song to date!).

A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine) debuted in the Top 200 on FMQB’s United States Commercial Radio Charts @ 109… easily the highest ranking song of the week beating even American Idol Winner Phillip Phillips who also debuted that week. After 7 weeks on the charts, “A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine) broke the Top 40 and remained there for 10 straight weeks!... finally succumbing to the onslaught of Christmas Music which took over the airwaves. If not for that… who knows how long A Million Miles Away would have remained in the Top 40. Autographed copies of A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine), featuring the new song Haunted Memories are going fast!

We just had an anniversary! In The Last Waking Moments… is now officially one year old! Happy Birthday to the “Children”. To celebrate, Edison’s Children has released a new CD called

“In The First Waking Moments… The Making of ITLWM”.

If the Children of Edison’s would like to help us in making the new album they can ease the recording costs a bit by picking up a copy of In The First Waking Moments... either on download (at a rather inexpensive $7.99 or 4.99 English Pounds @ or the autographed physical CD @ Or any of our Edison’s Children merch and releases.

All proceeds from sales go towards the creation of Album #2

The new 80 minute CD is actually 8 minutes longer than ITLWM, featuring all of the demos, alternate versions and remixes of In The Last Waking Moments… and quite a few funny moments as well. There are also some very important moments on this CD… which detail the history of the album.

-          Did you know that Pete was originally the lead vocalist of “A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine)”?! This original version is available for the first time here on In The First Waking Moments…

-          Silhouette was destined to be the bands signature song… or so they thought. The 23 minute songs, was ready for the next step of mixing when Pete and Eric went to Montreal for the 2011 Marillion convention. However Eric had been working on a new piece of music … Fracture 1.0. After listening back to where they had gotten to with Silhouette, Eric told Pete “Just listen to this once. I will put it away after that and you never have to hear it again”. Eric assumed that Pete would hate the piece, but he didn’t. Pete began messing about with Fracture and building on the song and structuring it and before long… the two were so involved with Fracture that they never went back to Silhouette again for the rest of the recording sessions. When it came time to finally consider the song again, they realized that their signature song no longer fit on “In The Last Waking Moments…” either in theme or in length. Now is your chance to hear that version of Fracture 1.0, just as Pete Trewavas heard it for the very first time. Now available to the public on “in The First Waking Moments…”

-          Did you know that Eric was the original singer of Outerspaced when the song was still called Blackwater? It was decided that Eric’s AC/DC approach didn’t quite live up to Pete’s more believable attack. Now you can hear it for the first time with Eric on Lead Vox.

-          Getting Pete to sing lead vocals is not always… easy. You see as soon as there is a microphone in front of his face, he turns into a sort of Monty Python character… and begins talking in strange voices and saying some very interesting things indeed! A look at the hilarious outtakes of In The Last Waking Moments…

-          While recording, Edison’s Children battled monster storms, power outages, earthquakes and hurricanes. At one point they had to close down the recording desk due to Hurricane Irene getting ready to hit the beach house they had turned into a recording studio. The only thing left to do was batten down the hatches and grab an acoustic guitar and write silly blues tunes about the impending doom. Using lyrics directly from warnings and statements from the Weather Channel (who were doing their best to freak everyone out with things like… Stay out of Harm’s Way! Please be Vigilant… not even sure what that means), they crafted a fine and intricate tune about Irene being as crazy as Charlie Sheen. Now finally available to the public (and recorded on the audio from a sony camera as the desk was no longer on), the legend of Irene continues on.

-          Did you ever hear Pete Trewavas rap? Did you ever want to? Neither did we! The Hudson Film Group asked Pete and Eric to come up with very annoying elevator music and “on Hold music” for a film called DeStressed. They were quite successful. What it actually is… is The “Other” Other Dimension kicked up 2 octaves. Pete then “Rapped” over it for the on hold message to truly drive the message home. The funniest thing Edison’s Children will probably ever do.

-          Edison’s Children had been working on two completely different chorus’ for the song “In The Last Waking Moments…” one that was rather simple and followed the guitar line and another very intricate 2 layered vocal which followed Pete’s new gothic sounding orchestration. When Eric sent the final vocal lines off to Robin Boult for mix, he had no idea which one he would get back. Robin chose the more simple melody because he felt the strings did a fine job of carrying the gothic melody. For the first time ever, you can hear the more complex vocal chorus that very easily could have been “In The Last Waking Moments…”

-          Did you know in The Awakening… it originally had a completely different middle section? Did you know that the guitar outro was actually 2 minutes longer before Pete gave it a “haircut”? Slow Burn didn’t come to the song until the pair met up in Maryland for the final mixes. The Longing had previously been in the middle of the song. Pete and Eric however felt that the Longing had tremendous potential and decided to pull the piece so that it could be utilized in Album #2 in a more… meaningful way. Here for the first time is The Awakening as it almost went to mix… with a completely different middle section and a far longer guitar lead.  (and a sneak peak at a song that will be very heavily featured in the next album)

These are just a few of the 18 songs on the new album “In The First Waking Moments… The Making of ITLWM”.

This very limited edition CD has only been printed up for 500 copies. As soon as these sell out, they will NOT be reprinted. Nearly half are already gone, so if you want a copy… autographed by Pete Trewavas and Eric Blackwood (and E.C. artist Wendy Farrell Pastore upon request), you should act very quickly.

We were only going to do this as a download but we had requests for a physical copy to be printed. If you were one of those people… now would be the time to order yours.

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If you do not get your order in before they are all sold out, no need to worry… you can still buy the download at the following location for only $7.99

If you would like Edison’s Children’s artist Wendy Farrell-Pastore’s autograph as well… we would be happy to add her. Just send us an email back to