NEWSLETTER - New Years 2013
We want to welcome you to 2013... the year of the Edison!

***SPECIAL UPDATE: Edison's Children will be playing live for the Hometown Heros festival to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy @ the Strand Theatre in Lakewood NJ on January 26th. Please go to the
tour page for more information

To celebrate what we think will be a fantastic year for Edison's Children, we have revamped our website. We are slowly putting up liner notes and lyrics and all new information on there every day until it becomes a great new website for our fans to come visit.
The new album is coming along very nicely and we again would like to thank everyone who has supported us in buying something special while Pete Trewavas was here in America recording Edison's Children CD #2.
There will probably only be 4 songs on the new album... one of which will be nearly 70 minutes long (the last album was 72 minutes long by comparison). Pete spent a 3 weeks @ Castle Edison in the Endless Mountains region of Pennsylvania... and an amazing amount of work was completed. So much so that we expect to make some amazing annoucements in the very near future.

** Before Pete Trewavas left the United States, he realized that many of you simply could not support us in at this time, while he was here because it was Christmas and priority should be towards presents for the family.
Because of this, Pete signed many extra CDs including what is left of the new "In The First Waking Moments...The Making of ITLWM" CD. Only 500 were printed of this soon to be very rare album and we dp have a few around still... but they are going fast. .
Pete and Eric also signed the A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine) EP Single - which went Top 40 in the United States. It contains 4 all new Edison's Children songs including Haunted Memories (which many people feel is our best song to date).
Last but not least... Pete signed nearly 100 extra copies of our debut CD "In The Last Waking Moments..." all of which is now available in the shop

So, if you are still interested now that Christmas is over, just head on down to and order anything you like from Edison's Children signed by both Pete and Eric (and Wendy upon request) and we will get that out to you right away.
(Paypal orders can go here... )
Downloads are now available for the new "In The First Waking Moments... The making of ITLWM" they are available here:  for only $7.99 aka...  4.97 or 6.11
We have a new fanclub for those of you who are slightly left of right... it's called Edison's Illegitimate Children and it's on Facebook. and is run by Terence "Butler" Brownstone
The original is of course is Andy Wright and Annick Gauthier's Children of Edison group:
Of course all of the latest news on Edison's Children is updated daily on

So please find attached... a PDF of A Million Miles Away. (see jpg below for copy of PDF that was sent out) We will be sending these out starting this week.... a few at a time until all liner notes from all 3 albums have been received. If you wish to NOT be on the mailing list anymore, simply reply to the above address ( and we will make sure you don't get them!

Happy new year from Edison's Children to all the Children of Edison.

.jpg of the liner notes to A Million Miles Away below. Please check to see the liner notes to the rest of the album
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