8.10.13 NEW ALBUM WILL FEATURE ON DRUMS... (DRUM ROLL PLEASE)... E.C. is proud to announce the addition of Henry Rogers on Drums! Henry has just recently won the Best Drummer award in Prog Rock's Readers Poll after doing such fine work with DeeExpus and Touchstone. Welcome to the family Henry....

SOUND OF CONTACT CANCELS TOUR INCLUDING DATES WITH EDISON'S CHILDREN - Edison's Children was expected to play with Simon Collins (Phil Collins' son) and his new band Sound Of Contact, but due to Visa Issues those dates have been postponed. Jolly was expected to play as well. Pete Trewavas was to have appeared at the NY and NJ shows. Rick Armstrong and Lisa Nojaim will continue to work with the band on future shows.

EDISON'S CHILDREN ANNOUNCES LINEUP FOR UPCOMING LIVE SHOWS! - Pete Trewavas will be coming to the U.S. to play at 3 of the scheduled upcoming tour dates. Edison's Children is also proud to announce that Rick Armstrong (son of famed astronaut Neil Armstrong) will become one of E.C.'s main guitarists for this tour and hopefully moving forward. Taking up the drums is Lisa Nojaim who did a few shows with Rusted Root among many other stars.

NEW ALBUM MOVES ON TO U.K. - Pete Trewavas and Eric Blackwood have finished recording the new album in the United States and Pete Trewavas is now bringing the tapes back to England to record drums at John Mitchell's studio. Who is the Edison's Children's new drummer you ask? Wouldn't you like to know! :>)~

NEW SONG AND NEW LIVE TRACKS RELEASED! - Edison's Children has released two of the live tracks from the Marillion Weekend, mixed and mastered by Mike Hunter as well as an all new song "Through The Ages". This is appearing on the new EP "In The Last Waking Moments... EP SINGLE" ... no not the album... the actual single of the song. Pete signed dozens of copies so if you want one signed by the band, we can make that happen for you!

EDISON'S CHILDREN'S FIRST LIVE SHOW WITH PETE TREWAVAS - Well it may have been the worst kept secret in history when Pete Trewavas called Eric Blackwood up to play two songs during his set marking the first time that the duo have performed live on stage, just before Marillion went on to perform BRAVE in the Netherlands. "Spirlaing and A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine)" were performed in front of between 3,000 and 4,000 simply fantastic Marillion fans. What a great night... and as for Marillion, well there simply are no words to describe the intensity of that night. h was just brilliant and the band brought the album to life even better live than on the record. NEXT STOP... MONTREAL! Don't forget... 2 hour show @ Brutopia during Marillion Weekend - 2pm Saturday!

This concert is of bootleg quality at best. Therefore it is a name your own price item. Whatever you decide to give us is fine with us!

SETLIST from Edison's Children's January 26th Show @ The Strand Theater in Lakewood NJ
1. Fracture (Fallout of the 1st Kind/The Last Refrain)
2. A Million MIles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine)
3. Spiraling
4. Lifeline
Eric Blackwood : Lead Vox / Lead Gtr Dean Morekas : Bass / Backing Vox Dennis Mullin : Lead Guitar Chris Mack : Drums
Garry Pastore : Backing Vox on A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine) Morekas / Mullin / Mack appear courtesy of Iluvatar

*** Also, Signed copies of A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine) EP/Single goes on sale today @ Marillion's Racket Records!

Eric Blackwood will be playing Edison's Children Live (Semi-Acoustic) from 2-3:30 @ Brutopia in Montreal on March 23rd of the Marillion Acoustic Weekend. See
TOUR for more details
EDISON'S CHILDREN ANNOUNCES LIVE DRUMMER - Chris Mack of Iluvatar will be Edison's Children's Drummer for the Live show on January 26th.

EDISON'S CHILDREN LIVE! - January 26th - Benefit to help the relief effort for Hurricane Sandy. Strand Theatre - Lakewood NJ. For more information go to our TOUR PAGE

NEW REDESIGNED WEB PAGE - Well if you are here... you've seen it already. We've updated our webpage to look more like the Windows 8 design. Lots of fun and crazy tiles! (Are we a little too excited about it? Maybe we need a sedative...). All seriousness aside, lots of things are coming including lyrics and liner notes to all songs and more frequent updates... and all sorts of interesting stuffs...

The New Year 2013 Newsletter was sent out to everyone in our database (Which can be seen by CLICKING HERE) . If you haven't received it, please contact us @ and we will send you the PDF to the Liner Notes of A Million Miles Away (1.9 - Pete Trewavas Lead Vox) and future newsletters/Liner Notes.

12. 29.12
PETE TREWAVAS & ERIC BLACKWOOD SIGNED CD's - Before Pete Trewavas left for England... he signed the entire catalogue of Edison's Children CDs... including A Million Miles Away EP (featuring 4 new Edison's Children songs), In The Last Waking Moments... our debut CD and the new In The First Waking Moments... the Making of ITLWM.
Pete realized that we released most of this during the Christmas holidays and many had to make family gifts a priority. So... he signed all of the back catalogue before he left so you can still get Pete Trewavas and Eric Blackwood signed CDs for all 3 Edison's Children releases!

Visa - Mastercard - Discover - all other Credit Cards -

Paypal -

DOWNLOAD ONLY (just $7.99!)

EDISON'S ILLEGITIMATE CHILDREN! - Former Bassist for Eric Blackwood's Crimson Steele... Terence Brownstone, has created a new Edison's Children Facebook Fanclub called "EDISON'S ILLEGITIMATE CHILDREN" . This is not an "official fan club" so we do not condone... or condone... what goes on in here. What we can promise you is that this is a crazy, and not very politically correct fan club which is open to absolutely everyone. It can easily be joined here... (everyone is welcome!) Just don't blame us for what goes on in there... We can tell you that it is slightly left of right!

12.22.12 Recording session #1 for Edison's Children album #2 is now complete. Silhouette which was supposed to be our signature song on "In The Last Waking Moments..." but was cut because it was too long (23 Minutes) is now 55 minutes long... and growing rapidly. It will probably come in somewhere between 60-70 minutes long. What a monster! Pete Trewavas said "I wish you could hear this right now, Children!" It is sounding quite spectacular. Yes... the new album will be a concept album. No, the theme will not be about aliens. However... something supernatural is quite possible! This is truly electrical in every Edison type of way... Merry Christmas Children!

12.15.12 HOLIDAY EDISON'S CHILDREN NEWSLETTER - (YOU CAN VIEW IT BY CLICKING HERE) The December 2012 Newsletter has gone out to everyone. If you haven't received it please contact us @ and we will send it to you.

EDISON'S CHILDREN ALBUM #2 HAS BEGUN RECORDING! Pete Trewavas is now in the United States recording Album #2 @ Castle Edison located in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. The famed epic Silhouette which was supposed to be the signature song of Edison's Children and wound up getting cut because it was 23 minutes long is going to be the main song on the album.

NEW CD... IN THE FIRST WAKING MOMENTS... THE MAKING OF ITLWM - The Remixes / Out-takes / Demos and Alternate Versions of our groundbreaking debut "In The Last Wakin Moments..." is now onsale! ALL CDs will be signed by Pete Trewavas and Eric Blackwood  (and Edison's Children cover artist Wendy Farrell-Pastore upon request). THIS IS LIMITED EDITION children. Only 500 are being produced and that's it!!! Buy now or forever wish you did!

Visa - Mastercard - Discover - all other Credit Cards -

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DOWNLOAD ONLY (just $7.99!) http://www.nimbitmusic.html/edisonschildren

Unbelivable but true! FMQB is reporting that for the 10th straight week. Edison's Children's A Million MIles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine) has remained in the Top 40 becoming the first Progressive Rock band to accomplish this feat since ????

The song will remain Top 40 until the end of the week when it will finally fall from position due to the airwaves being taken over by Christmas Music.

TODAY IS EDISON'S CHILDREN DAY! Superfan Robert Howie has declared this day Edison's Children Day! Eric Blackwood will be online all day in the CHILDREN OF EDISON facebook group

Edison's Children has hit the Top 40! The release of A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine)

EDISON'S CHILDREN ON AIR FOR 75 MINUTES NON-STOP IN L.A.!!!!! - Mark Maverick of i104 (Indie 104 - Los Angeles) radio stopped playing all other music for 75 full minutes in Los Angeles to feature Edison's Children and nothing but Edison's Children. The hour and 15 minute interview was a fabulous way to introduce the West Coast to the intensity of Edison's Children's album "In The Last Waking Moments..." i104 has also led the way by playing A Million MIles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine) over 55 times a week and has also begun playing the title song "In The Last Waking Moments...", Lifeline and Fallout (of the 2nd Kind), which has become one of the most requested songs on the station! Thanks so much to Mark Maverick for showcasing the band in a truly remarkable way!

CASTLE EDISON - Edison's Children is proud to announce that we finally have a studio that is owned and operated completely by Edison's Children. Castle Edison is located in the Endless Mountains Region Pennsylvania and will be where Pete Trewavas and Eric Blackwood will be recording their next album. Yes... I did say ... the next album. The studio is being setup and will be operational in time for Pete Trewavas' return to the Edison's children studio in December of 2012.

NEIL ARMSTRONG - There is perhaps no man who has been more influential to this world and the other... then Neil Armstrong. We mourn the death of this icon on this day and our hearts go out to his son Rick Armstrong and his grand-daughter Kaylee Armstrong. Rick has been such a tremendous supporter of Marillion and Edison's Children, and you may remember that he played live with Kaylee on "Afraid of Sunlight" during the 2011 Marillion Convention in Montreal... and they took down the house. Our collective heart goes out to you and your family...

Edison's Children 's A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine) Reaches #109 on the FMQB U.S. Commercial Radio Chart beating out Phillip Phillips' American Idol Winning Song HOME for highest ranking debut song this week in the United States!

MARILLION TOUR UNITED STATES - Eric Blackwood will be taking on his regular role as the personal driver and "Frenchie's" assistant manager for Marillion for the entire length of  the U.S. Marillion Tour. Come out and say hi and bring your CDs... Pete and Eric will be happy to sign them for you

The new EP A Million Miles Away will feature 4 all new Edison's Children songs and is available RIGHT NOW @

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DOWNLOAD ONLY (just $7.99!)

The new EP will feature 4 all new E.C. songs mixed and mastered by John Mitchell. This will include the very highly anticipated release of Haunted Memories... which is expected to be one of the best Edison's Children songs ever and will bridge In The Last Waking Moments... with album #2!

4.13.12 PROGWERLD has done a review of "In The Last Waking Moments..." CLICK HERE to see it.

4.12.12 Background Magazine just did a new review of "In The Last Waking Moments..." CLICK HERE then go to Updates and scroll to March 15th!

4.10.12 Edison's Children "Superfan" Robert Howie has completed a wonderful review of "In The Last Waking Moments..." for Please check this out at the bottom of the page via @amazon

4.5.12 Last.FM and iTunes have now "Scrobbled" Edison's Children nearly 35,000 times. Now that's some serious airplay!

4.3.12 Great review of In The Last Waking Moments by Ian Hall for the Liverpool Student Newspaper. CLICK HERE to check it out

4.1.12 Edison's Children is now on PANDORA RADIO throughout the United States. Go to Pandora and create a new Edison's Children radio station!

3.10.12 I have to say... it's really quite amazing how many new fan clubs there are for Edison's Children on FACEBOOK! I am going to list them all below. Please note that for each fan club's country speaks "it's native language" so if you go into say... The Children of Edison - France... they speak french ... The Children of Italy... everything will be in Italian. I'm sorry if I missed one... Thanks to Andy and Annick, our fan club presidents for assisting the various groups and helping them get setup.
Children of Edison - U.S.A - UK - Canada
Children of Edison - Germany
Children of Edison - Italy
Children of Edison - Netherlands
Children of Edison - France
Children of Edison - Brazil

3.5.12 Edison's Children is streaming on for an entire week. If you want to hear "In The Last Waking Moments..." in its entirety, please check it out!

3.2.12 Don't forget The International Prog Rock Show TODAY @ 2pm EST (NYC/Montreal Time)... or 7 pm GMT (London Time), with special guest our very own Eric Blackwood. He will talk about the first Edison' Children CD, work with Pete Trewavas, how the music came to be, etc. and you will hear great music by the band. You can listen to the IPRS at The show repeats Saturday or Sunday (staty tuned), and after having aired twice, the show will be available as a podcast at

2.15.12 We are releasing our Single "A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine)" as a single across the world and we are recording 4 BRAND NEW SONGS for it. This is a limited edition release! It will only be available via pre-order at and only for a very short amount of time. SO... if you want to hear some new Edison's Children, please pre-order your CD now!

1.21.12 Had a great (and very late) night in Staten Island NY with Anne of Rock Hard Magazine... at the West Shore Inn, listening to believe it or not... a great country singer by the name of Loren who rocked the house (don't worry... we're not going country... not even a little). Anne and Lawrence Gerard, Sandy Varnis-Alley and Wendy Farrell-Pastore created quite a ruckus, but I think we'll be allowed back again ;-). I of course was innocent in the whole thing. Please support Rock Hard Magazine! They will certainly be supporting us in the future, and making sure that everyone on this planet knows who Edison's Children. E.B. (p.s.... blackmail photos to follow...)

1.20.12 There is a bill about to pass in the United States called SOPA that would help smaller record companies like ours from getting our music downloaded illegally and from the russian mp3 sites that steal our music. We want everyone to know that our position is 100% that this would be BAD FOR EVERYONE! This bill that is literally designed just for us, would do nothing but give the government the right to censor the internet forever. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! Videos like this one of ours would cease to be available without lots of red tape and paperwork making it impossible for small bands to promote themselves. VOTE NO TO SOPA!

1.16.12 Pete T. would love to thank everyone for all his birthday wishes. He thought it was quite fab... An update on the video... We are now over 3,000 views! We have 11 days to go to reach our goal of 25,000! Please everyone... share it everywhere you can! ... and ask all your friends to share it as well!!!

1.13.12 Classic Rock's Prog Division has put just released this form asking people to tell them who their favorite band of 2011 is and when they mention new bands and releases... they don't even mention us... those buggers! So if you could... fill this out and send it in. to their email addy and tell them who the best band, best album, best new band, best guitarist, best vocalist and of course best prog icon and best prog hearthrob is... YOUR'S TRULY! (oh... alright you can put mr. "h" in for best hearthrob I guess). Tell these people to wake up because they're obviously missing out on who is setting the world on fire at this very moment! (where's me lighter?)

1.11.12 A new interview is now online as done by the great Steve Lazland of Prog Archives who recently completed a review of our new album, calling us "a masterpiece of modern prog rock" and "utterly brilliant". We figured it was the least we could do after that write up! The new interview can be found here...

1.10.12 Last.FM and iTunes have noted us for being the top "scrobblers" in average gains... meaning that we have had the most new listeners amongst Prog acts in the entire world on iTunes, Last.FM, Winamp and your XBox. What a fantastic little stat! Thanks ladies and gents and those who would never qualify as either!

1.6.12 What a fantastic review! Someone buy this man a beer... maybe a whole keg...

1.5.12 We hope you have all had a great new year. A lot of new things are coming your way very soon. Tomorrow we will be embedding a new 10 minute promotional video for you to watch. Also reviews are starting to come in on the new album and Prog Archives wrote up a 5000 word article about the new record that may be one of the best reviews we've ever read about well... anything.

12.26.11 To Celebrate the Holiday Season... Edison's Children has been HACKED! If you read this then we have been able to find the culprit and we have been able to reclaim the website, back under our control. If you are not reading this... well then things aren't going well at all!

12.24.11 It's the holiday season again and we're busy resting up for a big year ahead and from an amazing year that has past. Pete Trewavas is recovering from some surgery on his "trigger finger" and will be recovering over the next week or so, before concentrating on completing the next Marillion album. Edison's Children will be working on several things over the next few days including putting together a compilation video for YouTube. Hopefully we will have that soon after the new year. Thanks for everyone's well wishes and all the great things we've seen from all of you about the new record. I don't think we ever anticipated this level of appreciation. Keep the buzz going. If the record continues to grow as it has thus far, the chances of another record become all the more possible. Happy Christmas to you all across Europe and a Merry Christmas to you in America and a great Hanukkah. Have a wonderful holiday season from Eric and Pete and Wendy and Andy and Annick and everyone here at Edison's Children

12.17.11 Well it is official... Edison's Children CD's have washed upon the shores of Racket Records in England and have begun shipment. The CD is no longer on "Pre-Order" and is now in full production... those who order from this time forward will get their CD's shipped to them immediately (some even in time for Christmas). CD's across the pond in the United States will begin shipment on Monday 12/19/11 or Tuesday 12/20/11 and will be arriving throughout the U.S. most likely before Christmas Eve... and those elsewhere should be well before New Year's Eve even with the holidays. We hope you like them and happy holidays everyone.

12.9.11 And now... A Message from the King of Sunset Town...

"Hey. I'm really stoked, about how excited everyone is about our new album... how you are all talking about it on our Facebook page and in Annick and Andy's new Official Fan Club page. We've read about all the talk in the forums and on the boards. You guys have created some serious "electricity" about Edison's Children. No serious... you people are really what it is all about. Eric and I kept pushing the envelope and were hoping you would accept this project, no matter how far out we got (which was pretty far!). You've not only accepted it, but you've gone so far out of your way to tell everyone about it and create a fantastic buzz. We are feeling the love...
In fact writing this, I still don't know how much I should tell you guys what the album is really about. We sort of want you, to take this journey and decide for yourselves what is really going on. Either way, the main thing, is you are listening to it and enjoying the music. We both loved riffing and playing solo's off each other. Very cool! Well a few more Marillion shows to prepare for so I will catch you all later...
The CD Pre-Order is still going on, and our hope is to get everyone who did the pre-order to get you the new album well before Christmas and the holidays.
The instant downloads are doing just fantastic... so I thank you all!
Merry seasonal greetings from windy England!"
Pete Trewavas

12.1.11 Edison's Children is starting to make their way onto some radio stations. Fracture is being heard on Last.FM and A Million Miles Away is getting radio play all over Jango. If you have the songs already downloaded from Racket Records and you are a member of Last.FM or Spotify... make sure you have those applications open when listening to our music. The more "SCROBBLES" we get, the more regularly we will be played on Marillion, Fish, Porcupine Tree, Transatlantic, Pink Floyd and other radio stations... and if you love what we've done ... hit the LIKE or LOVE button on your radio to let them know you want to hear more of us :)

11.28.11 Some of our songs are now playing on Last.FM and Jango. If you have Last FM keep an ear out and subscribe to the new Edison's Children radio. (I don't know if they're playing Edison's Children on it yet but they will if you keep it going). Fracture is playing on Pink Floyd, Queensryche, Porcupine Tree, Marillion, Genesis, Arena and IQ stations.

11.27.11 The "Inaugural Fan T-Shirts" that were available for 11.11.11 only were shipped out today. You should be getting them so check your mail boxes!

11.19.22 With the release yesterday of the new album, In The Last Waking Moments marks the first time that Marillion have ever performed on an album together that wasn't a "Marillion" album

11.18.11 The New Album IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD and CD PRE-ORDER! Click Store/Buy above to be taken to our store to Pre-Order your CD or simply BUY THE DOWNLOAD right now and you could be listening to the entire 72 minute new album in a matter of minutes!!

11.17.11 Marillion's Racket Records will be in charge of handling the download when it becomes officially available tomorrow as well as the distribution of all CDs throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. (Random Disturbance Records will handle the Canadian and U.S. release)

11.16.11 The album is now officially COMPLETE! It has been mixed by Mike Hunter and Robin Boult and mastered by Mike Hunter at Marillion's Racket Club Studios and will be up for download in ... 2 DAYS!

11/15/11 - Andy Wright and Annick Gauthier have been named as Fan Club Presidents for Edison's Children in Canada and will be our official point of contact from here on out for all Edison's Children Fan Clubs.

11/14/11 - ROBIN BOULT (who you may remember as Fish's former Lead Guitarist for nearly a decade) is our final Special Guest joining Ian Mosley, Mark Kelly, Steve Rothery and Steve Hogarth).

11/13/11 - STEVE HOGARTH is our newest Special Guest! Marillion's Lead Singer, aka "h" will be joining our "Town Choir" vocals at the epic ending to
"The Awakening". Welcome to our little project Mr. h.

11/12/11 - We capped it off at 50 T-Shirts total. Thanks to our 50 inaugural fans. Your names will forever be etched into our first CD booklet!

11/11/11 - INAUGURAL FAN DAY! Anyone willing to become our inaugural fan can go to our store and buy an 11.11.11 Inaugural fan T-shirt and receive two free downloads including the first song from our new album as well as an un-released remix of that song called Dusk (The Rising) ALL FANS who buy a T-Shirt will have their name forever inscribed on our new CD as our official inaugural fans...

11/10/11 - STEVE ROTHERY has just completed a fantastic guitar solo to "Spiraling", one of our favorite songs off the new CD. It is absolutely stunning!

11/8/11 - MARK KELLY has completed a completely insane keyboard line on "The 'Other' Other Dimension" that has taken this song to yet another level (or dimension) in a way that only Mark Kelly could.

11/7/11 - MARK KELLY AND ANDY DITCHFIELD (of Dee Expus) - have completed Vocals on "The Awakening" joining our "Town Choir"

11/5/11 - IAN MOSLEY - has completed drums on both "The Awakening" and "Slow Burn". The Awakening now has that trademark Ian "snare drum crack" which if you've ever heard "This Strange Engine" Live... you know what we mean!