Pete Trewavas was born in Middleborough, North Yorkshire, England but grew up in the Buckinghamshire town of Aylesbury where he still lives today. Pete Trewavas' musical career first began to rise when he joined the Metros. The band showed tremendous promise and were given the prestigious gig of opening for Duran Duran in New York City in 1982. Pete would go on to play for numerous bands throughout this period including Orthi, The Robins, Tamberlane, Heartbeat and East Goes West. From there Pete Trewavas replaced Diz Minnett in Marillion and has never looked back. His 30 year career with the band is highlighted by the fantastic fret work he regularly performs on his signature basses along with progressive syncopated grooves with fellow Marillion drummer Ian Mosley. Since joining Marillion, Pete has helped the band acheive superstardom, selling more than 15 million records, having several world wide hit singles and 17 studio albums which fans and critics agree, somehow seem to keep getting better and better. In 1999, Pete was invited to join up with Dream Theatre drummer Mike Portnoy, Spock's Beard singer Neal Morse and Flower Kings guitarist Roine Stolt to form the new "Supergroup", Transatlantic. That progressive rock outfit has now produced 3 studio albums and their recent world-tour left critics so amazed by Pete's bass work that many now consider Trewavas to be the "Chris Squire/Geddy Lee" of the 2010's. Transatlantic's Whirlwind album in particular featured not only Pete Trewavas musical skills as a bass player, but as a writer as well. When Marillion's Ian Mosley agreed to join Edison's Children as a special guest on "The Awakening", it marked the 3rd time that Ian and Pete have played together outside the Marillion circle. Pete originally joined Ian on Sylvain Gouvernaire's band Iris, then they worked again in 2000 on Ben Castle's recording of Postmankind. Pete Trewavas would also join up with Marillion's Steve Rothery's band Wishing Tree with Hannah Stobart for the Carnival of Souls and Ostara recordings After the successes of Transatlantic, Pete Trewavas became involved in another "supergroup" like project joining up with John Mitchell (Arena), John Beck (it Bites) and Chirs Maitland (Porcupine Tree) to form KINO.

While Pete Trewavas was enjoying, not only playing with Marillion... but becoming involved as the bassist for all of these major supergroups, Pete actually began to secretly long for something more personal... something where he could maybe do something other than play bass. Pete after all is also a gifted guitarist, keyboardist and singer and came write some rightous drum tracks as well. All of the projects he has been involved with his whole life however, have relegated him to his status as one of the world's foremost bass players. The need to further explore his other talents came in 2006 when Pete saw his good friend Eric Blackwood jamming on stage during Marillion's pre-soundcheck with one of Steve Rothery's guitars. Roderick Brunton and Colin Price had asked Eric to go onstage and play some of his material on Rothery's guitar so that they could work out a little tweak in the sound system. Eric gladly obliged and began playing his former live track "Stranger In A Foreign Land"... a staple at the end of Blackwood's set. Pete saw Eric jamming away at the Birchmere in Alexandria Virginia and jumped on stage and began playing along on Steve Hogarth's keyboard. Afterwards, Pete broached Eric about doing a project together. Before long, Edison's Children was born

The first recordings took place in Sugar Loaf NY during the break between the US and European legs of Transatlantic's 2009 Whirlwind Tour. The recordings continued as Pete and Eric met for the weeks before & after the 2011 Marillion Convention, & they finished the album in August of 2011 in Ocean City Maryland amidst actual Earthquakes and Hurricanes happening all around them while they recorded. As if all this didn't keep Pete Trewavas busy enough, he also began working with his childhood friend... ex-Fish guitarist Robin Boult, as they came out with an old-style jazzy acoustic guitar album called "ACOUSTIC INDUSTRY". Their 1st album was a fantastic 5 song EP. Robin Boult seemed interested in Edison's Children as well, and Robin would be tabbed as one of the mixdown engineers (along with Marillion's Producer Mike Hunter) for the 1st album, In The Last Waking Moments... an album that will see Pete playing, not only Bass Guitar... but Lead Guitar, Acoustic, Keyboards, AbSynth programming, Drum Programming and even... Lead Vocals?
Non-Marillion Discography

Edison's Children - In The Last Waking Moments...
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Kino - Picture
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The Wishing Tree - Ostara
The Wishing Tree - Carnival Of Souls

Iris - Crossing The Desert

Ian Mosley and Ben Castle - Postmankind

Big Big Train - The Difference Machine

----- Marillion Discography -----

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