Wendy Farrell-Pastore is one of Rock's great new photographer/album cover artists.

Hailing from Binghamton New York, Wendy has an eye for the un-ordinary and the extraordinary. 

Her photographs (and yes those are all photographs in the Edison's Children 20 page images/lyrics booklets in "In The Last Waking Moments…" ) tell the edison's children story through her vision.

Pete Trewavas has personally felt that Wendy captured in images, what Edison's Children is trying to say musically like no one else can.

She is a part of Edison's Children's recording process... in the studio with the band every step of the way. Her images grace all Edison's Children releases, websites, merchandise and an honorary member of the Marillion touring crew in North America for nearly a decade.

Together Wendy and Edison's Children will be able to capture yet another sense of what we are for a very long time to come. Wendy Farrell-Pastore can be reached at
wendy@edisonschildren.com and nycangel@gmail.com
and Marillion Lead Singer
Steve Hogarth  @
Space Center in
Washington D.C.
Wendy's thank you from
Steve Hogarth and his "branding" her as "Wendy Darling" on
Marillion's new album
"Sounds That Can't Be Made   :)
Wendy and
Eric Blackwood @ Space Center in Washington DC
Pete and Wendy listening back to Silhouette - December 2012
Wendy @ Sopranos Charity Softball Game Staten Island New York -
Garry Pastore - Danny Aiello - Little Steven - Paulie Chiarello
Wendy and Marillion Sound Tech Roderick Brunton with Steve "h" Hogarth and Eric Blackwood and David Esquivel blowing off the mountains outside of Tijuana during Baja Prog Festival