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Son of Neil Armstrong, What became of Neil Armstrong's sons, What does Rick Armstrong do? Who is Rick Armstrong?, What band does Neil Armstrong's son play for? What is the name of Neil Armstong's son's band? What kind of music does Edison's Children play? What other bands sound like Pink Floyd? Are there any other bands that sound like Pink Floyd? Are there any bands that sound like Marillion? What are some bands that sound like Pink Floyd? What are some bands that sound like Marillion? Who is Marillion? NASA, What is the name of NASA's Rick Armstrong's band? Does Neil Armstrong's son play in a band? Neil Armstrong son musician
Pete Trewavas (Marillion / Transatlantic) Rick Armstrong (Son of 1st Man on the Moon Neil Armstrong) Henry Rogers (DeeExpus) Lisa Wetton & a Man in a Black Hat
Pre-Order Now for Vinyl & CD of Edison's Children's newest epic... The Disturbance Fields
A 68 minute long song/album featuring completely all new material in the way you've come to know & love from Edison's Children.
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In Honor of our Rick Armstrong's father becoming the first man to step foot on the moon...
We will be having a very special concert with The Alan Parsons Project to celebrate the accomplishments of Apollo 11's
Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong who exclaimed those very famous words...
Joining Pete and Rick and a very black hat on stage will be Lisa Wetton, Porcupine Tree's John Wesley and John's drummer Mark Prator from Iced Earth. Edison's Children will be playing songs from all 4 albums including The Disturbance Fields and some of your all time favorites. It's an historical event that should not be missed!